Monday, April 11, 2011

What a Weekend!!

(Sisters Creed booth)

This weekend was the Funky Junk Spring Show and it was absolutely amazing. We had THE best time. The setting was perfect for a vintage show; the vendors so talented and fun; the merchandise fabulous; Jennifer and Hollie...the Funky Junk girls...the perfect hostesses. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute...even despite a power outage on Saturday...the energy and the excitement was high and shoppers continued to shop. We had an extremely successful sale!! Thank you so much to all of our wonderful customers and vendor friends who contributed to making it such an enjoyable weekend. My mom, Stacey and I are still flying high from the fun. We truly appreciate all of you!!

I wanted to go around and snap pictures of all the amazing vendors and the beautiful items for sale but of course it didn't happen. Blogland is full of fun and beautiful pictures from the event. So check them out!!

Here are some pictures of our booth:

Big thanks to our Sisters Creed Roadies: my son Kameron, my husband Tyler, and my daughter Reilly. You made setting up and tearing down so much easier!! Big thanks to our sister, Kelley, who watched my two younger daughters Ailey and Bryn so that we could have roadies!! Big thanks to our husbands: Tyler, John and Ken for holding things down on the home fronts while we were busy doing what we love!!

To any of you who had the unfortunate opportunity of listening to me cough all weekend or witnessing my many cough attacks...I apologize...and you will be happy to know I went to the doctor this morning and unfortunately came home with this:

I have pneumonia. Big bummer. was also my sweet baby girl's second birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Bryn!!

Big thanks to Judy from Frosting for supplying the FABULOUS cupcakes so this tired mom didn't have to make a cake that night. (We will be celebrating her birthday in true style next weekend.) Bryn LOVED those we all did...and snarfed them down!! I am STILL craving those salty caramel cupcakes...and that fabulous tomato soup with Gorgonzola as well. Did I mention that the food vendors were unbelievably delicious? They were!! Not to mention wonderful musicians. It was a FABULOUS weekend and we truly appreciate all of you who came and shopped. We are already looking ahead and plotting and planning fun things for the Funky Junk Sale in the Fall...and looking forward to our next sale Two Women Art and Antiques Barn Bazaar to be held in Spangle, WA May 21st and 22nd!!

Big Huge thanks to Funky Junk Jennifer and Hollie!! You did a fantastic job and we just love you both!!

Kristin (and Victoria and Stacey)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Woohoo!! The Funky Junk Spring Antique Show will be here next weekend. Sisters Creed will be vendors there and we absolutely cannot wait!! It is going to be a fantastic two-day sale full of all kinds of amazing one-of-a-kind items and treasures. You will NOT want to miss it!! It is going to be a blast!!

So...what has Sisters Creed been up to? Oh... a little of this... and finding a little of that. Here are a few hints and a tiny little peek.

See you at the sale!!