Monday, June 27, 2011

New Friends

Kristin, Stacey, Jennifer and Victoria

One of my very favorite aspects of being part of the Vintage Show community are the wonderful people that I get to meet. Everyone is so gracious, welcoming, creative and interesting. I am having so much fun getting to know everyone on a more personal level and making new friends!!

This weekend my sisters and our families were in Sandpoint, Idaho, at my mom's house, for the weekend to celebrate my daughter, Ailey's, seventh birthday. It was a crazy, fun and wild day of fun with cousins.

Some of the wild party-goers:

Elle, Kameron, Bryn, Ailey...the birthday girl, Dane and River

After all the birthday festivities were over we were able to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little summer socializing. We had the pleasure of hanging out with the lovely Jennifer Wood (Funky Junk Jennifer) and her darling family...husband Nathan and baby Glenn. We had so much fun chatting with her and getting to know her better. She is amazing!! We just love her. It is always fun to see her at shows but you only have time to briefly chat so it was especially nice to be able to leisurely visit with her and learn more about her and her sweet family.

Thanks Jennifer, Nathan and Glenn for giving us an opportunity to do a little adult socializing and hanging out with our wild crowd!!

Sisters Creed is looking forward to more summer fun. Who wants to hang out?? :)

Can you believe the 4th of July is next weekend? Enjoy all the festivities this week!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasures In the Mail

(Reposted and Updated from my

Several months ago I got a treasure in the mail. My sister-in-law, Lori, sent us package of all kinds of fun things and these beauties were inside. They are cookbooks belonging to Tyler's Grandma Johnson. I was so excited. I love old cookbooks. I think they are such a treasure trove of family history. I love leafing through them and seeing the pages that were obviously favorite recipes...ones that are smudged and sticky. I love it when the previous cooks made improvements in the recipe and wrote notes in the book. (I do that.)

Once my mom bought a huge file box of recipes from either an antique store or a yard sale. I can't recall. Either way we had so much fun going through that box and looking at all the recipes...and handwritten notes. We felt like we knew that lady well by the time that we were through. Most of her recipes were really old ones...from the 40' was amazing. I also found the world's best recipe for Rhubarb Coffee Cake.

I have several of my Grandma McKinnon's old church recipe books. It is so fun to find the recipes that she submitted and those of her friends. I love it. And...the recipes are delicious. One of my most treasured possessions is an old cookbook that my Grandma and her sisters must have learned to cook from. The copyright is 1925. My grandma was one of 6 sisters who all lived very close to each other and were always fighting. This book shows that very well. On the inside it reads: "This book belongs to Kate Andreason" (my grandma) and then it's been crossed out and it says: "This book belongs to Romie Andreason" and then it's crossed out and it says :THIS book BELONGS to Zola Andreason." Then my grandma wrote her name all over on lots of pages...and they are all crossed out with either Romie or Zola having written their names in her place. I find it hilarious. It is such a great representation of how they really were. They also wrote notes all over inside...improvements and critiques like "This recipe is NOT good" or "This peanut brittle did not work at all" and "Delicious." It's like a time capsule that conjures up the voices and memories of these ladies who are no longer with us.

So when I received these cookbooks once belonging to Grandma Johnson I was so excited to learn more about her. I was not disappointed. She wrote in her cookbooks!!

I can't wait to whip up some of her recipes!!

****Since posting this on my blog last fall I have come full circle. My church group printed our own church Recipe Book and I have several recipes included and even more daughter Reilly included a couple of her favorite recipes. I love that one day I will be "Grandma Johnson" and maybe my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will learn more about the kind of woman I was through the recipes and cookbooks I left behind. ****

Monday, June 6, 2011

Farm Chicks!!

This weekend I celebrated my 39th birthday and what better way to spend it than doing something I love with people that I love. Does it get better than that?

Mom and Me

My mom came by and picked me up bright and early for a wonderful day of fun...starting here:

My mom and I have been attending Farm Chicks together since the show first began and we've also had the pleasure of being vendors at this show. This year we were customers which was also a lot of fun. It really is amazing to be surrounded by so many liked-minded people. It is like an annual convention for people who love the same things that I do...and GET IT!! I love the energy!! There are so many wonderful individuals in this industry. Fun, enthusiastic, and creative people. It was delightful to see many that I know and love...and to also meet new people who share our same interests and passions...and to meet the people behind the blogs I enjoy.

Here are some of my favorite people and booths:

Funky Junk Hollie...and her lovely mom Gail...and the amazing Ballyhoo Girl Chrissy!!

Funky Junk Jennifer...with my Mom...who purchased that luscious lime green prom dress from Jennifer...many people commented with envy on that awesome find as we strolled around. :)

Jennifer's booth was AMAZING!! I absolutely loved the look of it. View from the side. So cool!!

Here's what I wish I could have purchased...

How amazing is THAT? Who wouldn't love that one-of-a-kind outdoor couch? Seriously awesome.

Mom and the elegant and stylish Gladys of Junebug Furniture and Design. Their booth was incredibly beautiful. My mom and I both purchased those gorgeous tea towels. Mine looks fabulous in my kitchen. I think I am going to need to purchase a couple more!!

Loved chatting with Fielding from Two Women Art and Antiques!!

The talented women of Unexpected Necessities!! How cute are they??

The talented Erin of Ladybird Creations and her sweet daughter. Erin is making us some fabulous things to wear at the Mad Hatter Sale this fall. I cannot wait to see what she designs for us!!

One of my favorite creative people, Kristen Dobson, of Sophia's. We have been enjoying her jewelry and creations around my house...nearly every day either myself, or one or more, of my daughters is wearing her beautiful initial jewelry and of course my lovely "girl" (the awesome bust I purchased from her several months ago) graces our remains my favorite find EVER!! Why oh why didn't I purchase the matching boy?! It just goes to show that if you see it...BUY IT...because the purchase that got away will haunt you.

Kristen is moving to Raleigh, NC in a few weeks and will be very missed!! Of course if my husband ever gets his way we might join her there some day. Tyler lived in North Carolina for two years and LOVED IT!! Raleigh is one of his very favorite cities. Our loss is North Carolina's gain. Best wishes on your new adventure!!

The booth that set my imagination on fire!!

It was filled with retro lighting and the most amazing lamps I have ever seen. Gorgeous. As I snapped a picture another lady next to me was snapping one too and said to me "Doesn't it just give you chills?" Yes it does kindred-spirit-retro-lamp-loving-lady!! See what I mean about being surrounded by people who GET IT??!!

Talk about kindred spirits!! The above and beyond amazing Heather Bullard and Ki Nassauer of Flea Market Style favorite magazine ever...were there signing copies. They couldn't have been more gracious. Hugs for us...and so warm and welcoming. Sorry for the picture with your eyes close Mom...but it's Heather Bullard!! Woohoo.

After our absolutely lovely day we joined my family for sushi to celebrate my birthday...

Does a birthday get better than that?

So far 39 is looking mighty fine!!