Friday, April 26, 2013

 Getting Ready!!

Post written by Victoria

I am getting so excited about Sisters Creed's two upcoming shows....

Saturday May 4 is Down the Rabbit Hole with Gladys and Celia of Junebug Furniture and Design

Saturday June 1; Sunday June 2 Farm Chicks with Serena

I love to see our returning customers. When you remember our booth; spot something that you love, or tell us about something you bought from us and are enjoying in your home.... it really warms my heart !! I love to meet our new customers!! I am sure that our vendor friends can relate to what I am saying about all of our customers (old and new) who appreciate our home & garden goods and who are "kindred spirits" in many ways because they "get" what we do and love our unique re-purposed vintage style and understand  when I talk about the pure joy of the junking hunt for unique and wonderful finds -- that wow factor that never gets old; and then the creative time spent turning these finds into the goods we display in our booth !!

It is 5:30 am on Saturday morning... I am heading out to the shop ( my husband Ken's wonderful playground ! ) with a great cup of coffee; it is day light now and my most favorite time of the day -- I am watching three small deer munching the bright green grass under the bird feeder - and I am so thrilled that it is a day off from my career work - and I am ready to create which is my real passion!! I am now putting my I-Pod into my speaker set up and the first album from my play list is pure vintage Rod Stewart !! Album # 2 coming up is Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon. There is just nothing like "rocking out" -- a dated term I am sure -- to my favorite and very eclectic play list of music while I paint, patch, re-style to my heart's content. I am in heaven - it just doesn't get better than this !!!

The vintage car that Ken is restoring.... a 1967 Chevelle Super Sport is out of the shop at the moment. It is being primed and painted... so he has graciously opened up his workshop for my furniture projects. This shop is huge - 50'x50' - with all kinds of great lighting; every tool imaginable and shop equipment and accessories to die for... I love his awesome industrial table which pneumatically raises up and down which is a back-saver.

So many great tools for the repurposing all his saws. I love this one that is mounted on a rolling table and turns every possible way to accommodate the need. I love the smell of sawdust and freshly cut wood... must be my timber & sawmill heritage!! Ken is teaching me just how to use it properly which I must say is a fine art. 

Then here is a picture of his amazing drill press... it has every "bit" known to man - for wood, for metal, for glass, etc. I just used this very odd-shaped paddle type wood bit which has made the most wonderful large round holes for the garden trug I just created out of vintage spindles and wood pieces from an old door frame. Come see it at Down the Rabbit Hole !!

Ken is a meticulous restorer and will help me glue, clamp, cut metal & wood, and he actually makes replacement parts for some of my fabulous finds. I may have the creative eye but Ken is teaching me the finer art of restoration. I am absolutely thrilled with this new found knowledge and skill. I have my own studio which is wonderfully creative.... full of fabrics, trims, vintage inspiration... located in our bonus room upstairs above our two car garage. For the first time in all my years of creating; I actually have a spot for just me and my creativity. Believe me, I feel so blessed to have this space now that my children are grown!! I will be up there later while my furniture projects are drying.

But for now; I wanted to share just a little bit about my time here in the shop.

See you soon at...