Monday, March 26, 2012

Work Weekend

Last weekend was a Sisters Creed work weekend. Stacey and I and various children traveled to my mom's house in Sandpoint, ID for a weekend of serious business...sort of.

Heading out

I let Ailey skip school on Friday and brought her up with me so she could have a little one-on-one time with Grandma. We arrived Friday morning and Stacey and her two kids didn't come up until Friday evening so Ailey had Mom and Grandma all to herself. Boy! Did she have a ball!! She hasn't stopped talking about it yet.

When we got there we checked out all my mom's latest projects. It seems that after the holidays we all wanted to redo some things...and we are all going gray. Gray is definitely the color dujour right now. My house is transitioning from pastel and more of a Scandinavian feel with a light gray and white color scheme. My mom's house is all kinds of gray...charcoal, light gray,'s pretty fantastic. (Mine is still a work in progress.) She has redone the master bedroom, master bathroom, made changes in the living room, and guest bathroom, and turned a closet into amazing office space, and refinished several furniture pieces. She has also been doing all kinds of things with architectural salvage.

I meant to take pictures of other areas but somehow in the course of the weekend...didn't. But here are a few of the living room, dining area, and random projects.

New dining table...with leaves...all Annie Sloaned up. Mirror make over as well.

Different chunks of salvage and finials tucked here and there...antique phone on the wall.

Vintage thermos' and picnic baskets...bowl of decorator magazines. Southern Living is my current favorite!! Love it.

One of a kind shelf, made of all kinds of different bits and pieces, with vintage items displayed.

Revamped bookshelf with orphaned dresser mirror

Pinterest we love thee!!

Wall display that is still a work in progress. Items include: one half of a coffee table, frame of an old dresser mirror minus the mirror turned upside down, small ornate mirror turned upside down, empty frame surrounding a family photo, and another salvaged bit. More to will have to stay tuned.

Closer look

Man I wish I took some more picture of the other things she is working on. So cool.

After oohhing and aahhing over all Mom's latest projects we went into Sandpoint to do some shopping and to have lunch at the Pie Hut. (502 Church Street)

This is only one half of their display. I have had several varieties...all delish. That day was all about the Coconut Cream...Ailey had the Chocolate Cream. Yum.

Then it was back to my mom's house. We spent the rest of the afternoon up in my mom's studio. It is one of my favorite places to be...half of it is a huge playroom and sleeping area...tons of beds tucked into little window niches, trundle beds, antique youth beds. Ailey was thrilled to get first choice of beds...and first choice of sheets. This is so hilarious. My mom has quite the amazing sheet collection and our kids LOVE picking out which sheets they want to sleep on. Will it be the flowery sheets, polka dots, stripes, dinosaurs? Then they pick out which cuddly blanket they want as well. It's all about the simple pleasures. Ailey quickly got to work making note cards, posters, "bed" place cards (for Aunt Stacey, River, and Dane) She had markers, stamps, all kinds of ink pads, and was in hog heaven..."creating".

That evening Stacey and her kids arrived and even more fun was had. The kids played hard and so did we. We got so much done!! We painted and painted and painted...all kinds of objects and multiple booth props (purchased at the Two Women Christmas Sale from Funky Junk Jennifer.) My mom was sewing like crazy. We also did paper crafts. There will be some really cute things for sell at Funky Junk. We were up until around midnight laughing, painting, and crafting. Things got quite campy the later it got...

Infamous Quotes from our work weekend:

(They sound a little naughty but all were so innocently said...and produced peals of laughter late at night)

"I think I am addicted to busts!"

"Are you going upstairs to wax your balls?"

"I love liquor!!" (Don't fret... that was NOT said by me!!)

*****See what happens Mom and Stacey when you leave all the blog posting to me!!****

There is a glimpse of the darker and campier side of Sisters Creed. If only you could have seen how we looked wasn't a pretty sight...ergo no photos. (Hideous paint splattered work clothes, paint splotches all over us, no make-up, dirty and dusty.) The junking life is a dirty one.

We were also thrilled to finally have some signage. (We had one small sign that people kept trying to buy.) Thanks to Erin of Ladybird Creations for the info and advice. They turned out great!!

Here's a little video that I sent to my Mom and Stacey showing our rad new signs...they couldn't wait to see them in person.

Hope you all had a great weekend!! Funky Junk is coming up fast. It is going to be amazing!! Hope to see you all there!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Vintage Show Season is Here

Woohoo!! We are so excited. So many fun vintage shows are just around the corner. We can't wait. We have been busy since the holidays creating/finding/revitalizing some darling items. We think that you are going to love them!!

Stacey and Victoria at our last "business meeting". (It is so much fun to share a business with my mom and sister!) We met at Stacey's house two weeks ago for a little creating... and a little planning...and a lot of fun. We have another "business meeting" at my Mom's house in two weeks. Can't wait!!

So for now our houses are wrecks...projects are in the works...inventory is everywhere...and excitement is in the air.

Here are our upcoming Vintage Shows for April:

First up...

This show is going to be spectacular. Funky Junk is going urban!! Jennifer and Hollie have found a new location for the show. It will be held downtown Spokane at The Spokane Public Market, April 14th and 15th. It should be so much fun. Come check it out!! There will be the most amazing vendors, incredible finds, and cupcakes from Sweet Frostings Blissful Bakeshop. It doesn't get better than that!! You won't want to miss it.

We have another show in April put on by our sweet friend Sharon Blythe:

This a brand new show and we are excited to take part in it!! It will be held April 28th (a one day show) at the Greyhound Park and Event Center in Post Falls, Idaho. Come see us and check out this new show.

Now for a few birthday shout-outs in the Sisters Creed Family:

Sisters Creed partner, Stacey, had her birthday last week!! Happy Birthday Stac.

And...Sisters Creed Roadie, my husband Tyler, turned 41!!

Hope to see all of you this April at some exciting Spring Vintage Shows!! See you soon.


Kristin and Sisters Creed