Thursday, June 7, 2012

Palouse Yard Sale a Re-Cap

In case you were wondering how our Yard Sale went great!! Quite a difference from the yard sale I had 5 years ago...and had to recover from.  I think it helped having it in Palouse (Stacey's hometown) she knew pretty much everyone who came and everyone was INCREDIBLY NICE. I don't have one funny encounter to relate. Seriously. I'm kind of disappointed. Stacey and I were the ones who were running the sale. Our mom was in busy with work moving a health clinic...very convenient!! Ha ha. Just kidding.

BIG SHOUT OUT to all the Palouse girls!! We love you!! There are some of the most fantastic women who live in Palouse, WA. They have been coming to all our many Sisters Creed sales for years and they were all there bright and early at our lowly yard sale. They are awesome and we seriously had the best time because of them.

I know it's kind of weird to post pics of your yard sale but I'm going to do it anyway. Because it was kind of momentous for us to actually HAVE a yard sale. One of the hardest things to do was trying not to "display" items. We also learned that you ABSOLUTELY must have MAN THINGS. We had pretty much equal men vs. women coming to our yard sale. All you yard-sellers out do you get the men in your lives/homes to part with ANYTHING? We seriously could not do it. Tyler and John claimed that everything they owned was 100% needed. They wouldn't part with one.single.thing.

 But there was lots for the ladies and CHEAP...




Since Stacey and I are all done having babies...WOOHOO...we had tons of baby items for sale. Good-bye strollers, high chairs, back packs, pack and plays, cribs, changing tables, bathtubs, maternity clothes, 15 tubs of girls and boys clothing from Newborn to 5T...and much more...All GONE!!


 So we are done having yard sales for another year...I think we will hold our next one at our other sister Kelley's house in Spokane.

And...since we were asked if Sisters Creed is only having yard sales now and not doing Vintage Sales anymore...huh?...the answer is no!! Where did someone get that idea?

 We are going to be doing LOTS of Vintage Shows!! 

This is our next one:

See you then!!