Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Sisters Garage Sale This Weekend

I swore I would never do this again. I am.  It is quite the dichotomy. I love yard sales but I hate having them. Weird. I would just rather donate to Goodwill than hold a yard sale. Stacey has lured me with her sweet talk to give it another her town of Palouse...with her wonderful town folk (and they are). So it's happening people.

Stacey and I didn't grow up having yard sales. I can't think of one time my mom decided that that sounded like a good idea. Which is quite hilarious now...every member of Sisters Creed...will swerve and screech to a halt at a yard sale sign. Even all the Sisters Creed Juniors (our kids) can spot a garage sale sign a mile away. My daughter, Reilly, can even go to a garage sale, peruse, and pick up things for our business all on her own. She's got the eye. I love it. She will be on the junking trail for me this weekend while I am at Stacey's.

When we were kids we would  stop at yard sales whenever my Nana and Great Grandma came to visit from Denver or if we were visiting them. It was quite the experience. My Nana is from the South and her enthusiasm and alarming inhalation of breath from out of nowhere  would make you think we were about to be in a deadly accident...but nope it was just a yard/garage full of good stuff. She would go around showing us all the priceless treasures that "these fools" were practically giving away. Then she would load up her enormous sedan and head to the next sale.

When our family moved to Kansas City we learned the joy of road side finds. My mom had the most hilarious set of friends...Avis and Brenda...who were some of the first "house flippers" in the 80's. They used to redo the most beautiful homes and loved to cruise the Ward Parkway area (the rich area) and pick up items people were putting out on the road in the trash. Amazingly beautiful things. I was in high school then and was slightly humiliated to actually get out and pick something up off the curb but I did have fun riding around with them and they taught me a lot. I was thinking about that the other day as I picked up a "free" item off of the curb. Avis and Brenda would be proud.

People change...I was just rereading my last garage sale post on my own personal blog from nearly 5 years ago. (It took me that long to recover...and boy have I come a long way) 

Here is a little blurb from my blog about that momentous event:

Good News: I had a Garage Sale this weekend.

Bad News: I had a Garage Sale this weekend.

Good News: I sold a load of junk and made money.

Bad News: It was excruciating, mind-numbing hellish torture to do it.

I have NEVER had a yard sale before and believe me I am in no rush to do it again!! The idea was that Tyler was going to help me with the running of the yard sale...umm...didn't happen. He ended up being very "busy" on Friday at work and having to work on Saturday too. So that left me with all the pleasure.

 Here are a few of the highlights:
 -People attempting to steal from me...I got more savvy as the first day wore on.

-People smoking and throwing their cigarette butts in my yard.

 -People bugging my dog...had to put her inside. Apparently Mrs. Beasley was freaked out by the "interesting" people too.

 -The lady who while complaining that $1 for a Ralph Lauren coat was OUTRAGEOUS her dog peed on my box of books.

  -The man who yelled "WHERE'S THE MAN STUFF? THIS IS ALL GIRLY $%@!"(Well kind sir... the man of the house wouldn't part with anything he owned so "girly $%@!" it was).

-The woman who "tsked tsked" me for all the "nice" stuff I was selling and how people just don't keep anything anymore and it's that kind of attitude that is ruining America.

-The man who kept asking me if I was divorced...NO...Did I think I would be getting divorced anytime soon? (Uh...maybe if I ever have to do a garage sale by myself again!!)
-The well-dressed and bejeweled middle-aged lady who bought an Ann Taylor Sweater for .50 cents and a Banana Republic Shirt for .50 cents and 4 books (new titles) at .25 cents a piece... who when I told her the total was 2 bucks she said (big sigh) " Well...I guess I won't eat today".

-The two motorized wheel chair ladies who kept pointing their canes at things and yelling at me "What's that?" A rice maker. "I want it!! Get it!!". Those two had me jumping and fetching everything I had all the while yelling at me. Tyler came home on his lunch break to see how things were going and nearly keeled over laughing.

These were but a few of my many "interesting" experiences. I also met the coolest brown-haired (love it) elderly southern lady from Texas. I recognized that soft Houston accent right away and we seriously bonded.

So it wasn't all bad...not good...but not all bad. But it felt pretty bad. I do have a clutter-free garage and basement now. Yay me!


 So folks that was my last garage sale five years ago. I can only hope that this weekend will as colorful and exciting. I love that I have now morphed into one of those "interesting" yard sale people and am now even known as a "regular" who recognizes and enjoys the company of other "regulars" at all the yard sales in my area.

So if you find yourself in Palouse, WA this weekend come and say hello!! We've got some seriously good junk. As all members of Sisters Creed are no longer in the baby making business we've got loads of kids stuff to sell along with household items, furniture, decorative items, vintage name it we probably have it.


To all our talented vendor friends at Farm Chicks this weekend we hope you knock it out of the park and have an AMAZING show!!