Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage Whites Market Here We Come!!

Loading up!!

The Vintage Whites Market is almost here. We are so excited!! A road trip is sounding really fun right about now. Salt Lake City here we come. We are thrilled to get to do what we love, meet incredible people...AND hang out with family and friends. It really doesn't get better than that!! You might even get a glimpse of our Sisters Creed brother...he is an elusive one. But as he lives in SLC hopefully we can rope him into helping us haul a few things. Right Kirk? :)

Last weekend I went up to my mom's house for a little Sisters Creed work weekend. We had a great time and got so much accomplished!! There are some seriously darling things that will be coming to SLC. So cute!! In between lots of painting and creating we also did some serious booth strategizing for 2013 and got all our supplies ready to go.

 Bring on the Vintage Sale season!!

We have also had a new addition to the Sisters Creed family. My mom purchased a new black Avalanche (which is beautiful) and ended up also purchasing a much larger trailer (that happens to color coordinate with her truck!!) It is so much larger than her other utility trailer...perfect for packing with even more fun Sisters Creed merchandise!! This combo with take it's first road trip to SLC next week!!


My mom's new purchase worked out great for me because I then bought her old trailer!! The timing was perfect. Woohoo. Sisters Creed is now a two trailer business!! Exciting.

I love it!! It's so cute.

After a hard working weekend I was super excited to fall asleep in my mom's cozy and highly fought over (by sisters) guest bedroom. Isn't it pretty? That bed (the one I used to sleep in in Jr. High) is COMFY!!

We are super excited to be vendors at this sale and so appreciate Vintage Whites Market bringing the Vintage LOVE to Utah!! Hope to see you there.

We are sad that Stacey isn't able to come to this sale but we have gained a few tag-alongs aka "helpers" :) My mom's husband, Ken, my husband Tyler, and our sweet daughter Bryn will be off on this adventure with us. I absolutely cannot wait to see my beloved Wasatch mountains again!! This sale should be fun and exciting. It isn't your typical vintage show. There will be lots of great classes and demonstrations.  Folk Magazine will be there. We love Folk Magazine!! There will be Music, Food and Fun. Come check it out.