Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is a Coming

Christmas is a coming and the bells begin to ring,
The holly's in the window and the birds begin to sing...

Christmas is right around the corner. I wish there was an extra month in between Thanksgiving and Christmas...just to give me enough time to soak it all in and to enjoy the peace of the season. I have had fun the past few weeks reading blog posts about how people decorate for Christmas...particularly how they incorporate their vintage decorations into their Christmas displays in their homes.

I thought I would post a few pictures of some of our vintage decorations that we love. I haven't been up to my mom's house yet to see all her decorations (I will take pictures while we are up there over Christmas) but here are some pictures of my house and Stacey's house.

This is a new decoration at my house this year. I love this swag that I made from old dictionary pages. We made these when we were snowed in at my mom's house last Thanksgiving. They turned out so cute!!

I love these medallions/ornaments that I purchased from Junebug this year. They are darling!!

I am loving the candelabra I bought from my mom and still absolutely adore the bust I purchased from Kristen a couple years ago at a Funky Junk sale. She goes with every season!!

Our Christmas Tree

I went with a cream and gold theme this year. My all-time favorite new Christmas decoration is my ruffled tree skirt made by my mom. I LOVE IT.

I found this beautiful paper Nativity at an estate sale this summer for $1. I think it is gorgeous.

How cute are the Eskimos and igloo I purchased from Hollie and Gail's booth this year at the Two Women Christmas Sale?

The white, blue, and silver tree that I have in my kitchen

One of my favorite blow molds...also from Hollie last year.

Now onto Stacey's house...

I absolutely LOVE these deer and would steal them if I could!! Just kidding.

Green Guy

Growing up our family had the tradition of getting a Nutcracker each year. This Nutcracker was one of our particular favorites. I don't really know why. He certainly wasn't the fanciest Nutcracker but we loved him all the same.We called him, of course, "Green Guy". One year my mom decided to slim down the old Nutcracker collection and Green Guy went to Stacey. (I got Scrooge and Tiny Tim which are also awesome.) I am still very fond of "Green Guy" and enjoy visiting him in Palouse. :)

I love the star that Stacey got at the Two Women Christmas Sale. I don't know who the vendor was though...but the star is FABULOUS.

I am also extremely jealous of this beauty. So cute!!

My holiday baking is done, presents purchased and wrapped, cookie plates being delivered right this minute by my little elves. Now I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Sisters Creed!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Victoria!!

This last week we had the joy of celebrating our mom's birthday!! She is the most amazing woman we know and the founder of Sisters Creed. For years we talked and talked about doing a business together and she made this dream a reality. She has been inspiring us all our lives and continues to do so every day.

Our mom is truly a Renaissance woman. She sews, knits, crochets, quilts, paints, crafts, cooks and creates. She always has about 20 projects in various stages. Now she has her own studio in her home to create in...but when we were kids we sometimes couldn't find a place to sit when she was creating because there would be fabric and parts of projects covering every surface. But we have certainly be the beneficiaries of her talent and hard work. We have always lived in a beautiful, stylish and inviting home. We have always had amazingly delicious meals. We could always count on her to help us make the best school projects and posters and prize winning Halloween costumes. She has kept us beautifully clothed...she has made us so many clothes, not to mention, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even a wedding dress.

Growing up she would always help us arrange and rearrange our rooms...just like she constantly did to our house. My friends used to say that every time they would come over the furniture was in a different place and it was true. Our mom loves to "change things up"!! It is still the same today. I don't think I've ever been to her house and had her furniture in the same configuration that it was in the last time I was there.

She has always had a great eye for style and beauty and has helped to cultivate this in us. I remember when I went to college and was moving into my dorm room at BYU and my mom immediately took me and my "just met" roommate to Shopko to buy some plants, decorative baskets and pillows to "jazz things up". I love that about her. She has been helping us create cozy homes for ourselves no matter how humble.

She is now inspiring a new generation...her grandkids. All of whom would much rather have something "grandma made" than something she could buy. She has kept her grandchildren decked out since they were in utero. They all enjoy custom bedding, curtains, pillows, lampshades, painted furniture, reupholstered furniture, memo boards, bulletin boards, holiday decorations, halloween costumes, knit hats, sweaters and scarves, cozy bathrobes, beautiful dresses...even monogrammed ties for my son Kam to wear to church. They eagerly unwrap her gifts to see what she has created. This year the little girls are all getting "princess nightgowns" with matching peignoirs for Christmas...shhh...don't tell. They are going to FREAK OUT!!

Thanks mom for not only creating beauty in our lives but in teaching us to find it all around us...especially in the hearts of others. We love you very much and are so happy to be your partners in Sisters Creed and blessed to be your daughters.

To celebrate my mom's birthday we spent the day in Stacey's hometown of Palouse, WA...eating, shopping, roaming town, seeing Santa, and enjoying one another.

Mom and her oldest grandchild Reilly Victoria...named for her grandma. My mom has not one but TWO granddaughters named after her!!

Some of our mom's 10 grandchildren

Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma!! We love you!!


Kristin and Stacey (Kelley, Kirk and Jordin...and the whole crew)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two Women Vintage Christmas Sale

Wow!! What a fun sale!! For those of you who were able to attend the Two Women Christmas Sale you know what I am talking about. There was a fantastic turn out and Saturday was wild!! We had the BEST time! Thank you so much to all our wonderful customers and dear friends who made the weekend so enjoyable. We appreciate you all very much.Thank you to Fielding and Diana Chelf (and the Chelf family) for all their hard work and dedication that went into making this sale so fantastic.

Here are a few pictures: 


We hope that you all enjoy the holidays.... and have a very 
Merry Christmas!!

Much Love and Best Wishes~

Sisters Creed

Kristin, Victoria, and Stacey