Thursday, October 25, 2018

Autumn Lunch at the Lake

Lunch at the Lake

We decided to host a lunch at our family's lake house last weekend for several of our friends in the vintage business. We wanted an opportunity to gather together as friends. We never get enough time to visit at shows!! We are always busy setting up and tearing down or selling. :) We invited some of our good friends to come over for lunch and we had the best time!!

There is just something so wonderful about gathering with good friends over good food. Yes, we talked about business. (These ladies are amazingly talented and run fantastic businesses: Penny Simonson, Jennifer Wood of Funky Junk, Rebecca Armstrong of Peace Within, Kathy Walker of Unexpected Necessities.) But mostly we just talked about life. It was wonderful and illuminating and inspiring and delightful!! We laughed and talked loudly and boisterously! We are a passionate bunch! It shows in all that that we do and say. It is always entertaining and fulfilling to be among a tribe of creatives!!

I love being a part of a community of women who love, support, champion, and encourage one another. Every one of these women could be considered *competition* in our industry. We are at the same shows and we all sell vintage and antique goods. But each one of these women have been a lifeline of encouragement and advice to us in navigating this industry. They have each gone out of their way more times than I can count to support and champion each other and our business Sisters Creed. So have many others who weren't at this lunch by the lake. It is a beautiful thing. These amazing women have become such dear and life long friends.

Jennifer Wood, Victoria King, Rebecca Armstrong, Kathy Walker, Penny Simonson

Kristin Johnson, Stacey Sykes, and Rebecca Armstrong

What a wonderful day!! For some it even carried on into the night! I love it!! It was so invigorating to share thoughts and ideas and to be with good friends who truly understand the business. Each of these women understand the true meaning of friendship. They show up...not just at shows... but in our every day lives. I am grateful for each one of them!! I left that evening with a smile on my face, my bucket full, and my heart overflowing with love and gratitude.


Sisters Creed

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